Lolly Dames Guests on ‘And Now We Drink,’ Talks to Fleshbot.

Curvaceous cougar Lolly Dames dishes and gets well-lubricated as the featured guest on the latest episode of the “And Now We Drink” podcast, now streaming.

“And Now We Drink” is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” with your favorite comedians, musicians, writers, actors and adult performers. 

On Episode 257, the wine flows freely, and the fun, lubricious anecdotes do too, as soon as Dames assumes the guest chair on Matt Slayer’s popular show. 

Dames bravely agreed to come on the show just days after the passing her friend, adult performer Logan Long, and she uses the opportunity to cut loose indeed. The episode begins to get wild when Lolly talks about some of her hell raising days back in Florida. She also reveals her goal to be Lisa Vanderpump‘s favorite adult star, and mentions how she’s sliding into the DMs of a certain male talent trying to make some “content.”

Show host Slayer remarked, “Coming in like the hurricanes Florida is known for, I knew from the moment Lolly Dames walked onto set this was going to be a wild episode.

“Usually when buttholes come up during the course of an episode it’s in reference to the performers’s butthole. However, Lolly and I spent possibly a little too much time talking about mine.  

“Lolly has definitely lived life, she had more than a few wild stories that she shared with me. By the end of the episode I felt like the dude head-banging out in the storm.”

Dames commented, “This is a great episode, and I had a blast getting shit-faced with Matt and spilling the beans!  I hope you all enjoy!”

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The busy Dames also took time from her shooting schedule schedule to talk with Fleshbot’s Holly Kingstown (@heidijoypj) in a revealing 20-questions interview for the iconic site.

Asked what she was like in high school, Dames replied, “My parents were super strict, so I feel like I was pretty rebellious in high school; it was the first time I smoked weed, snuck out, had sex. I’d like to think I was doing all of the normal things but looking back, maybe I was bad. [laughs]”

What advice would Dames give to a brand new adult performer?  Dames says, “Be punctual, courteous to others, respectful of everyone’s jobs and their duties, do your job and don’t waste anybody’s time.”

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