Catieosaurus Pays a Visit to Lisa Ann’s Dudes Do Better Podcast.

Cate Osborn, aka ‘Catieosaurus’, was a recent featured guest on Lisa Ann’s popular podcast, Dudes Do Better, where the social influencer, podcast host, sex/mental health advocate and content creator opened up about a variety of topics that she regularly encounters in the sexual wellness space.

The certified sex educator, who is making waves in the education community and online social platforms with subject matters such as ADHD, neurodivergence and intimacy, talked about her desire to discuss a range of important matters online while battling bans, bots and restrictions.

“I want to be able to talk about the stuff that I want to talk about, and I want to be able to do it not in code… my passion is educating about disabilities, neurodivergency and sex and intimacy and relationships… but I can’t say, like, ‘vulva’ on TikTok… I shouldn’t have to fight to be seen and heard and to educate on my own terms.”

She also expressed concern that “there is a lot of misinformation out there and so many assumptions that we make,” noting that her inbox is regularly overflowing with myriad questions and levels of concern relating to healthy intimacy and relationships.

“I worry sometimes, especially with a lot of the questions that I get, because so many of them are just grounded in this idea that there is one right way to do intimacy, there’s one right way to even talk about sex. And I’m like ‘No, sex can be funny and weird and awkward and silly and goofy. I wish the adult industry would show that kind of sex more.”

Osborn also revealed her love of being able to communicate with like-minded people through her podcast, Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest. “The feedback that we kept getting was, ‘I’ve never heard a podcast where people unapologetically talk like me, and think like me and aren’t embarrassed when they lose their train of thought… if they forget what’s going on in the game… or change the subject 400 times!’

“As a content creator, you’re always expected to niche yourself… I feel like the more that you share yourself, the more that you share your passions and your interests, the things that light up your soul, you are bringing that community to you and you are saying… I am a fantastically complicated and complex and interesting human… I think that is the thing that excites me most about content as a whole, I just get to be excited about stuff for my job.

She added that doing her podcast – and her online presence as a whole – “is just being positive representation for neurodivergency and saying ‘it’s okay that you go through this, it’s okay that you struggle. You are not the only person, you are not alone… and that has been just honestly, it’s been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my entire life.”

Fans can find Dudes Do Better podcast episode “Catie O Joins the Show” exclusively on Lisa Ann’s YouTube channel.

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