Bree Mills Discusses Her Career, Industry Changes, Diversity on The Lisa Ann Experience Podcast.

Bree Mills, one of adult film’s most prolific award-winning filmmakers, took time out of her busy schedule to sit for an interview with host Lisa Ann on her podcast, The Lisa Ann Experience.

During the discussion, Mills opened up about coming into the adult industry after a career in corporate marketing, how she infused her love of theater and mainstream films into adult projects and how her initial lack of industry experience benefited her productions “because I didn’t have all of the preconceived notions of what you should and shouldn’t do.”

She explained that she was “so inspired by the talent around me that it led me to bring the idea of Adult Time as a space to make any show… I’ll be the first to say I’m a very lousy pornographer, I just like making movies and I love seeing people realize how talented they are.”

Now as the Chief Creative Officer of Adult Time, she says she is pleased that her goal of creating a diverse platform for performers and filmmakers has paid off with the company’s success. “One of the things that we wanted to do was reach out to talent that had been kind of outcast by a lot of mainstream porn and offer them inclusion and beautiful projects that they can star in.

She added that she is proud of the company’s vision of “using our medium to get people off, but also to make people think and make people feel and help push some social change, which I think especially in terms of sexuality and gender – if it’s not going to be us doing it, nobody else is doing it, so we might as well!”

After the interview, Lisa Ann offered the highest praise for her guest, saying that “Bree has the energy that the industry has always needed, and I know many people are in a better place because of Bree! This episode has the best feels… this one really hit close to my heart.”

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