Adira Allure Guests on ‘And Now We Drink’

Adult film star and director Adira Allure is the in-studio guest on the new episode of Matt Slayer’s popular “And Now We Drink” podcast.

“And Now We Drink” is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite comedians, musicians, writers, actors and adult performers. 

On the wide-ranging Episode 280, Allure offers a glimpse into the soul of a unique erotic artist. She opens by leaking her food kink. Matt and Adira discuss recreational pharmaceuticals and experiments with a video camera and a CPR doll. The two then dive into social and mental health aspects surrounding homeless populations. Matt describes committing a crime on the internet. Adira learns the truth about sea sponges, and looks into the possibility of employing the scientific method to pee content. Adira spills the secret to getting in shape. Matt and Adira swap content editing horror stories, then discuss the social implications of social media.

Show host Slayer remarked, “Adira was an absolute joy to have on. She’s a unique soul in this industry. The laugher was infectious throughout the episode, and Adira was a bubbly open book from the second she started talking. From potentially embarrassing stories, to taking in stray animals in her neighborhood, there’s no one quite like her and I feel lucky to have had her on the show.”

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