Blush Erotica’s Series “The Lake House” Receives AVN Award Nomination

Blush Erotica has received an AVN Award nomination for its series “The Lake House'' in Best Cinematography category. The company’s creative visionary and co-owner, The Sinematographer, was charged with the cinematography of the series.

The series features stars Luna Lark, Princess Dandy, El Bliss, Elisa Mae, and Drake Mallard and was co-directed by Stacy Lyle and The Sinematographer. “The Lake House” features erotic writing from Mary Cyn and Crimson Kitten with voiceovers from Lady Apollo and Valerie Valkyrie.

Series Summary: Luna Lark reminisces about a hot, sexy weekend with her college girlfriends at her parent’s lake house. She details how Princess Dandy was her first female lover – as well as all of her other friends’ first as well. Luna and Dandy stock the house with every toy imaginable to encourage delicious fun for everyone throughout the weekend. 

The series kicks off with a clever preview introducing clips from each scene within it featuring Luna Lark showering and thinking about all the naughtiness experienced in their time together. She recalls the dinner preparation by Dandy which ended with a cucumber sliding inside El Bliss and stretching her to the max. Her next thoughts are of the beautiful lunch spread surprise where Dandy wined and dined her and licked every last drop before Luna turned the table on her pretty pussy. As the water relaxes her muscles, she thinks about El Bliss doing the same during a hot massage highlighted by their sharing of a double-ended dildo. And wrapping up her shower, she remembers spying on Elisa Mae wearing a face dildo while Dandy rode it and came on her face. Elisa Mae was so hot after that that she called her husband and made him jack off for her while she did the same. So much lustfulness to drink in!  

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