Blush Erotica Releases New Story Concept Featuring Lila Lovely

Blush Erotica has released a new hardcore solo “Missed Connection” starring Lila Lovely. The scene features an erotic story by GothiccThighs with a voiceover from Lady Apollo. “Missed Connection” was directed and produced by The Sinematographer.

“Missed Connection is the first time the company has produced a two-part story spanning 2D and VR. The first part of the story starts on Blush Erotica as a “regular” 2D solo,” explained The Sinematographer. “The scene continues in VR when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, answers Lila’s Missed Connection ad and Shaundam shows up. The viewers get both experiences and one great erotic story.”

Part one “Missed Connection” is featured on while the second part of the scene “Reunited and It Feels So Good” can be found on popular VR platforms such as SexLikeReal and VRPorn

Scene Summary: Lila Lovely encounters a captivating man in a coffee shop that gets her attention. When she gets home she’s dripping wet thinking about Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. She decides to give her throbbing pussy some much-needed attention and then posts a missed connection ad to find him. 

Blush Erotica, an AVN and XBIZ award-nominated company, is a unique concept in adult entertainment where narrated voiceovers provide an additional layer of erotica to hardcore porn. As the company’s catalog grows so does featuring titillating scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive photography, and an erotic story blog. The group frequently releases exclusive and unpredictable interviews with industry talent on YouTube.

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