Eliza Rae Chooses modelRED for Exclusive Adult Film Representation

Pornstars:Eliza Rae
Real Life MILF Star Eliza Rae has chosen modelRED for her representation. With a gorgeous body packed into a sexually charged 5’ 3” frame, Eliza’s stunning blue eyes and luscious lips are all part of her pornographic arsenal that bring the heat to every scene.

“I chose modelRED because they shoot straight, they care about performers, and they have a crew that treat it like a professional agency, not a frat house on a college campus.  As a professional woman, I appreciated that the modelRED team is not only nice, they are available when I need to bounce ideas or need to work through creative – even working with The Media Studios to build ElizaRaePlays.com for me!” 

Eliza Rae

Eliza Rae is ready for booking through modelRED and is available to shoot Anal, Creampie, B/G, G/G, Gang Bang, Big Butt POV, Orgies, Footjobs and more – just check out her official portfolio page at modelRED.

Book Eliza Rae for your next feature today.

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