AVN Recognizes The Sinematographer with Award Nomination

The Sinematographer received an AVN Nomination for Best Directing Portfolio – Specialty and the series “The Lake House'' from Blush Erotica was also nominated for Best Cinematography which he created and filmed.

“Being recognized by AVN means the world to me and being nominated for Best Directing Portfolio – Specialty among the others on this list is a personal achievement as I have great respect for them,” said The Sinematographer. “I have a passion for making people feel their best and I love shooting all types of models. It’s rewarding to see the industry noticing the work I’m doing to build a portfolio that highlights all types of talent.”

Over his 10-year career in the industry, The Sinematographer has worked with a number of production studios and individual performers. Over the last three years, he’s been the creative visionary for the production studio Blush Erotica and has introduced a unique concept in adult entertainment where narrated voiceovers provide an additional layer of erotica to hardcore yet sensual porn.

“The Sinematographer at his core is a champion for women particularly plus-size women in this industry. It’s been inspirational to see him build a directing portfolio that is very inclusive and feels like a celebration of beauty period,” said Stacy Lyle, Blush Erotica COO. “He’s always pushing our team to try new things and we’re excited about some innovative projects we’ll be launching soon.”

The Sinematographer can be found behind the camera every chance he gets and on Twitter at @thesinematogra4. Currently based in New Hampshire, he’s always seeking northeastern talent to work with but still makes frequent trips to Las Vegas to shoot for Blush Erotica and other studios. 

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