Valentina Bellucci Surpasses 25k Pornhub Subscriber Milestone, 25 Million Views

This month, Valentina Bellucci is commemorating a momentous accomplishment as a Pornhub performer: amassing more than 25,000 subscribers and nearly 25 million views of her 75+ videos on the platform.

To celebrate this achievement, the popular adult film starlet and content creator is planning to release a full 30 minute scene FREE to her Pornhub subscribers later in November – a breathtaking POV roleplay scene that she recently shot in Florida.

“Thank you to the all the loyal fans, followers and occasional viewers that stumbled onto my Pornhub page and took the time to watch my videos, get to know me better and subscribe to the point that Pornhub would recognize these victories with a gift box!” said Bellucci of the honor.

As is customary with this level of Pornhub notoriety, the company is sending over a special gift box to the exotic Italian beauty packed with branded merchandise and a gift card to show their appreciation for her dedication, hard work and success.

Bellucci, who started shooting adult films professionally in 2020, has shot approximately 50 scenes over the past two years for the industry’s top producers, as well as another 45 for her taboo studio Step House.

“I have been so unbelievably blessed these past couple of years, and I would love to sit back and think about how much I’ve accomplished so far as a performer, director and producer, but I just keep going – keeping busy and making movies is what brings me joy – and I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing fan base that supports my work. I could not do this without you!”

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