Mia Miranda Guests on Orgasm Oracle Podcast Show

Mia Miranda, a rising young talent out of Vancouver, British Columbia, was recently welcomed as a featured interview guest on Oops! - Orgasm Oracle Podcast Show with orgasm empowerment coach Nadia LeDrew.

The episode “Sex Workers are Saving the World” spotlights the model, dancer, singer/songwriter and OnlyFans creator – who currently sits atop the 4% of in-demand earners – who says that sex work is “such a complex job, there really isn’t one stereotypical sex worker.

“In my experience, every single person I’ve met is so different, they’re all so unique, they all have different makeups of the way they make their income, their socioeconomic status… their sexuality… I just love getting to share that with people; it’s such an amazingly diverse community, for sure.”

On the subject of orgasms, Miranda says while she often finds herself thoroughly enjoying the erotic aspects of her job with clients, she admits that “I’ve never had an orgasm because I’ve never allowed myself to be that vulnerable,” although in her personal life she has embraced the Big O in all of its forms.

“It took a while… I could only do it one way… it was a very specific way and I couldn’t really break out of that mold… and then you and I started doing our coaching… and now I feel like I can orgasm in so many different ways now… by myself, with partners, with random partners, with one-night-stand partners… and I also know what to say to a guy too… now I’m able to, first of all, advocate for myself… and now I’m horny all the time!”

In addition to the release of her podcast interview, Miranda is also proud of her debut song, “Pu$$y”, that she is also currently promoting; fans can slow down and enjoy the ride with her via Spotify and other leading streaming platforms.

Listen to the interview in full at Oops! – Orgasm Oracle Podcast Show.

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