Sparks Entertainment’s Drops New Sci-Fi Flick The Seventh Kind.

Sparks Entertainment, one of the most talked-about cosplay and original content sites, has a new four-part sci-fi flick, The Seventh Kind, in time for awards consideration.

Inspired by classic films like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “War of the Worlds,” “The Seventh Kind” has an all-star cast that combines truly frightening alien elements, a script with a twist that keeps you guessing, and of course, hot sex. After investigative journalist Ana Foxxx’s husband, Dante Colle, disappears, she looks into several recent claims of alien encounters. An old friend, Anna Claire Clouds, helps her do some digging and uncovers a huge conspiracy, including alien pregnancies being prevalent in UFO encounters and how those children are The Seventh Kind. Ana’s search for the truth leads her to an unexpected and terrifying discovery.

Written and directed by Harry Sparks, “The Seventh Kind” stars Ana Foxxx, Anna Claire Clouds, Liv Revamped, Athena Faris, Madi Collins, Dante Colle, Shawn Alff, John Legendary, and Lucky Fate. The feature is four episodes, and the first went live today exclusively on Every Friday, a new episode will debut. Get a sneak peek and watch the SFW trailer at

“I’ve always been inspired by movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and War of the Worlds. So, I wanted to tell a UFO story, but I wanted it to be original, not a parody. And ‘The Seventh Kind’ is just that. I had an incredible cast and crew working on this film, so I made sure it was edited and ready to go to be considered for awards season,” says Harry Sparks, award-winning writer, director, and owner of Sparks Entertainment.

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