Ricky Greenwood’s Love Behind Bars Debuts 1st Episode on AllHerLuv.

Multi-award-winning French Canadian adult director and writer Ricky Greenwood has released his latest opus in time for awards season consideration. Part 1 of Love Behind Bars debuted late last week and is available exclusively for members of MissaX’s AllHerLuv.

Known for realistic and taboo interpersonal relationships and tension-filled situations that keep you on the edge of your seat with the top adult stars, AllHerLuv has the best all-female series, and “Love Behind Bars” is no exception. The fantasy of women in prison as inmates and guards comes to life in this new series. Whether they’re hooking up or forging relationships, you’ll be on edge enjoying the storyline of the screenplay written by Maddy Barton and watching the hot sex.

The five-part series revolves around a ruthless prison warden, Ariel van Zandt (Ariel X), who makes the lives of her female inmates a living hell with rigid rules and no exceptions. Alexis Jensen (Alexis Tae) is the newest prisoner convicted of killing her husband after he beats her. She’s paired up with cellmate Olive Bluebaker (Olive Glass), who’s working on an appeal to be freed. Olive takes Alexis under her wing and shows her how to survive in prison. And she also tries to watch over all the female prisoners and keep them safe from Ariel and Helene. Kenzie Foster (Kenzie Taylor) is in love with Alina Greenberg (Alina Ali), but she doesn’t realize Alina’s the prison snitch who reports everything to head prison guard Helene Brock (Helena Lock), the warden’s right hand. Helene rules the prison without mercy and is in a relationship with Aubree Sturgess (Aubreee Valentine). Aubree claims her innocence despite being found guilty and is constantly writing the parole board.

“Ariel, Olive, Alexis, and Helena brought it with incredible acting and sex scenes for this feature. I’m excited for the AllHerLuv members finally being able to see this, and I hope they enjoy it. I know reviewers have enjoyed the previews and know the feature will do really well this awards season,” says Ricky Greenwood.

Part 1 of Love Behind Bars is now available at allherluv.com/tour/trailers/Love-Behind-Bars-pt-1.html, and episodes will be coming out weekly through September 30th.

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