Sofia Rose Guests on The Only One in the Room Podcast.

Sofia Rose is a featured interview guest on The Only One in the Room podcast with hosts Laura Cathcart Robbins and Scott Slaughter entitled “Sofia Rose is the Only Pornstar in the Room with a Dating Line-Up”.

The Internet’s most downloaded BBW star, who is also set be inducted into the Urban X Hall of Fame this month, sat down to discuss the turning points in her life that shaped the person she is today, the realities of shooting porn and how she’s been enjoying mon-monogamous dating with several people in her dating – but not really dating – ‘lineup’.

“I don’t want the complication… and have to worry about the emotional baggage of a partner or explaining myself… if I want to go to Costa Rica, I’m going to go; if I want to go to Puerto Rico, I’m going to go. If I go wherever and do whatever with whoever, I don’t want to answer to anybody,” she tells the duo.

“I don’t want to date anybody exclusively… we go out, we do some fun things, we have sex and then I say good-bye and I’ll text you in a couple of days. It doesn’t need to be so intense and emotional and all those things. I can’t do it right now… it’s really because I need to be able to shoot next Wednesday and not worry about my phone blowing up because some guy wants my attention because he’s my boyfriend.”

So what’s next for Rose? “I am 100% focused on myself… I am enrolled in school at Cornell, online… there is always room for improvement no matter how educated you are and how much experience you have,” she says, adding she’s currently about “living my truth, self-love, practicing it every day… and focusing on keeping my boundaries so I maintain my happiness, because I truly am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

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