Misha Montana Defies Misconceptions about Adult Stars in Truly Channel’s Dating Different.

Pornstars:Misha Montana
Misha Montana is shining a light on people’s first impressions of adult stars in a new episode of Truly channel’s true-life series, Dating Different, as she goes on a blind date in “My Job Scares People - Will That Change Today?”

After getting dressed for the occasion into a ‘casual obnoxious’ outfit of a black form-fitting dress, sneakers and studded pink jacket, she admits that she is a “whirlwind of surprises” and hopes to find someone who is “accepting of my career choices as well as just me as a person.

“I’ve had people say directly to me that they would never marry me, they would never date me exclusively, and that’s a frustrating, kind of defeating thing to hear,” Montana says before she meets up with Seth, a widowed actor and handyman.

As they sit for lunch and drinks, she talks about single motherhood, her 2021 stroke and her controversial career choice. “I have always wanted to be an adult entertainer; I wanted that confidence and power and just the sexiness and I loved it, the glamour and everything about it. I’ve never been happier with my life.”

The duo is interviewed after their date and Montana is optimistic: “My favorite part… being able to talk to you and relate on certain things, and the fact that you didn’t kick me out… you didn’t judge me… and I didn’t make a mess when I was eating, so that’s a huge positive!”

To watch Misha Montana’s adventures in Dating Different, visit Truly’s YouTube channel.

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