Robin LeFay, Receives her Second Nomination for ‘Sex Worker Advocate’ at the YNOT Awards.

Robin – thank you for taking the time to interview with PornStar Town on your YNOT Award Nomination! So this is the Second Time you have been nominated as a Sex Worker Advocate (representing Cherry.TV) – how are you feeling on twice being nominated in such a remarkable category?

I am so proud to be nominated for Sex Worker Advocate for a second time. I do try my best to be loud for the community. I am very much a believer that changes can always be made for the better.

What has inspired you over your adult career to work as hard as you have in being a Sex Worker Advocate? Was there a moment, an incident, an event – or a series of things – that inspired you to take up the mantle and fight?

I have always been an advocate. No inspiration needed. I grew up in a household where activism was standard. Getting into Sex Work, you notice issues that stem from the same fundamental roots that effect freedoms of sexuality. From racism to beauty standards to LGBTQ rights to sexism.

Tell us what you feel being a “Sex Worker Advocate” truly means:

I cant say what being an advocate truly means because I am not gonna gatekeep trying to make changes for the better. Some of us are forced or encouraged to be silent due to their situations. However “big” or “small” your activism and advocacy are… its making a difference. Even our silent allies. I appreciate you.

There’s obviously people in our industry who claim to be advocates, though we sort of know instinctively that (quite frankly) they’re not. In your eyes, when does a sex worker not have the right to consider themselves an advocate for others?

Again I am not one to gatekeep advocacy. A lot of people have their heart in the right place but can be slow to change when new information or struggles arise.
I think we are all capable of growth and aid.

I think the only time you aren’t an advocate is when you are truly trying to hinder progress. But I haven’t come across anyone claiming advocacy who has intentionally tried to harm the movement.

Switching gears here… you’re a founding Model of Cherry.TV – tell us more about your journey with them, how you came to be an ambassador for them, and what are the top three things you love about Cherry.TV?

I came across Cherry.TV before they launched. Because I have experience with beta testing other cam sites I reached out.

The entire concept of Cherry.TV was very interesting. A mix of a gaming streaming site and a camming site is the best I can explain it in simple terms. I was immediately on board.

My favorite things about the site right now (they are continually working on updates) is
One: There is only moving up in Cherry. Yes there are levels. However unlike some other sites there are no penalties for being a lower level. You still get seen.
Two: The buyers also get levels. In the room of models they can level up as a loyal fan. AND they can level up site wide as they tip multiple models.
Three: I love how it’s really lax despite being a new cam site. There’s no unnecessary pressure on the models to be perfect or meet a certain quota like I’ve seen other new sites try to enforce. As long as you follow the rules there to protect everyone… it’s a nice place to cultivate who you are as a webcam model.

Thinking of livestream / cam work such as Cherry.TV and so on – what are two things you like most about it? And, the converse question: what are two things you dislike the most about it?

I love livestreaming on adult sites because I can at the very least socialize on a level of my own comfort in a sex positive and sexy way. Getting paid for it enough to make it my job is definitely another favorite aspect of mine.

I dislike streaming because it can be inconsistent. Slow days happen and it can really take a toll mentally. Not to mention financially.

There’s also the matter of trolls and people who still to this day do not get how site etiquette works. That can be frustrating.

Robin – how would you self-describe your aesthetic to folks who may not be familiar with your body of work and have yet to enjoy your shows or content?

I’m basically just your geeky and freaky girl next door. I love talking about Fandoms and doing cosplay and geek inspired role play. It’s always a fun and interesting time when it comes to my content. My shows are also varied. You never know what you might get.

And on the note of aesthetic – while building your mark online, how did you approach crafting the public personae of Robin LeFay and what were your inspiration points along the road?

I was a cosplayer for many years before doing this. Going to conventions and doing advocacy in the Geek community definitely was the segway into this adult industry world.

Speaking of going along a road, here comes the ever-present question about how you began on the road in our industry? What was your catalyst event, what was that lightbulb moment, and how did you first proceed (what is the Robin LeFay origin story)?

I was always sex positive. I started in the BDSM scene in college. Doing cosplay and gaining fans that adored me was a start. When I realized I could mix the two worlds and get into the industry I kinda just went for it. It was hard at first living in a Christian household and having family stalk and tell on me every time I tried. But eventually with independence I was able to establish myself where I am now. No longer hiding. Embracing what I feel like I was meant to do.

For those men and women of adult / legal age who may just be started getting into our business, what would be one piece of advice you would give to them before they start?

Always consider your safety. Chances are this will get out and be attached to your real life name in some way. This world still hates Sex Workers and being one can and will be used against you.

This reality is part of my advocacy. We deserve to be seen as people. To have rights. But even in online work. We are not safe.

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