Brenna McKenna Guests on ‘And Now We Drink’.

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The brunette dynamo shares some unforgettable wild stories in this can't-miss episode

Brenna McKenna, one of the adult industry’s fastest-rising starlets, talks sex, health, and sexual power dynamics — and shares some unforgettable wild stories — as she joins host Matt Slayer on the new episode of the popular “And Now We Drink” podcast.

“And Now We Drink” is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite comedians, musicians, writers, actors and adult performers. 

On Episode 267, the magnetic McKenna discusses attending a Catholic high school, putting herself through college as an exotic dancer, and what she has learned about men and women through her club interactions. The episode also ask the questions: “Is Brenna a shark?” and “Would Matt defend the honor of his daughter?” Sadly, the world may never know — but Brenna does discuss what she looks for in, and asks of, new co-workers, and expounds on her preference for older dudes when it comes to emotional connections. Matt and Brenna deride people who are determined to be offended, and Thrash Metal nerd Matt drops some culture on Brenna.  

The two also weigh the risk vs. reward of working in the adult entertainment industry, and talk performer safety/education, on the freewheeling episode.

“People should listen to this podcast because of the sheer fact that it is as raw and honest a conversation as it gets,” said McKenna, who flew to Los Angeles specially to appear on Slayer’s show. “It’s not the typical interview, and for that reason I could give you the mind of Brenna, uninhibited.

“Matt was so real and genuine and welcoming, and that gave me such a great experience on the podcast. He’s amazing and I can’t wait for Round 2!”

Show host Slayer remarked, “Brenna McKenna was an absolute pleasure to have on the show. The two hours flew by. Honestly, the show could have easily gone another two with how charming Brenna is. She has stories for days and an infectious laugh. There will definitely be a Round 2 sooner than later.”

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