Disruptive Films Spotlights the Family Ties That (Tightly) Bind in “By Any Means”.

Award-winning gay cinema brand Disruptive Films introduces a gripping new suspense thriller from Deep Inside and director Michael Vegas, “By Any Means” - coming to DisruptiveFilms.com on September 2.

Inspired by the Black Mirror episode “Arkangel” about an over-involved parent that keeps a constant watch over their child, “By Any Means” stars Drew Sebastian as a stepfather who is protective of stepson Atis (Tristan Hunter in his Disruptive Films debut) to the point of tracking his every movement through an implanted chip.

“I cared for Atis as best as I knew how, but I didn’t do it on my own… as soon as the chip became available, I had it implanted in my stepson; he never asked questions about it… Atis was mine, he was mine since his mother left the earth, and I wanted him to remain mine… and I knew it was time to show Atis what he meant to me…”

The mind-bending trailer for “By Any Means” is available at DisruptiveFilms.com

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