Romantic Adventures’ Tami Rose Says “Anal Products are BIG Sellers!” after Roe v. Wade Upset.

Tami Rose, a Mississippi-based sex expert and owner/proprietor of Jackson-area erotic boutique Romantic Adventures, is seeing a booming business for ANAL sex toys on the heels of the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe v. Wade’s constitutional right to an abortion this past June.

“Our state has unfortunately put a trigger law into effect that makes having an abortion punishable by up to 10 years in prison, which has upset many people who believe in freedom of choice, privacy and sovereignty over our own bodies,” says Rose. “What we are seeing now is an apparent explosion in the enjoyment of anal sex, according to store sales over the past few weeks.”

Rose explains that both in-store and online sales of anal play products such as butt plugsanal beadstraining kitsdouches/enemas and anal lubricants are flying off the shelves at a rate she says is unprecedented since taking over Romantic Adventures in 2016. “We assumed that our store would take a hit with less customers, but we are finding that our customers are simply shifting to different ways of enjoying intimacy.”

She also notes that sales of bondage gear and kink items have gone up as well, with people “exploring other facets of their sexuality” as a means to thumb their noses at the state government’s efforts to suppress their freedoms. “People are going to enjoy having sex one way or another, and we are going to continue to support healthy sexual attitudes – and our sex-positive customers – as part of the human experience.”

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