Nikki Benz Talks Dating and Financial Planning on SOSCast.

Join Nikki to laugh and learn, with the episode’s insightful and entertaining conversation about where romances and finances intersect.

Adult film superstar and entrepreneur Nikki Benz shares intimate details of her personal life and dishes valuable advice as a featured guest on the latest episode of SOSCast, hosted by financial specialist Adam Sosnick.

SOSCast is a pop culture financial podcast that breaks down lifestyle, relationships, and money with the goal of helping men improve their lives — including their sexual market value. 

Appearing alongside comic, actress and dancer Amber Joy Layne and YouTuber Alex Vilenchik of “Playing With Fire”, the award-winning adult star, Fleshlight Girl and feature dancer discusses her keys to financial freedom (including investment in real estate), opines on the best way to make first contact with a woman online, and plays ‘2 Truths and a Lie’ on the entertaining and insightful program.

“I’ve been following Valuetainment on Instagram for a long while; I’m a big Patrick Bet-David fan,” Benz said. “He suggested I get in contact with Valuetainment’s own Adam Sosnick to get on his podcast.

“I flew out to Florida for the show,” Benz recounted. “I was nervous at first when I was in the green room waiting to go on air, but that quickly disappeared after I realized what an incredible host Adam is. He’s funny, intelligent and makes his guests feel at ease. One of the best decisions I’ve made was to go on SOSCast.

“I hope my fans enjoyed my appearance on Adam’s podcast. We talked money, financial literacy, dating, pickup lines, texting women, and more.”

Episode 48  of “SOSCast with Adam Sosnick,’ titled “How To Text Women w/ Nikki Benz & Playing with Fire,” can be enjoyed on YouTube ( ). 

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