Cate Osborn, aka Catieosaurus, to Attend, Speak at Dragon Con 2022.

Cate Osborn, better known to her legions of fans as ‘Catieosaurus’, will be on hand this week as a guest and featured speaker at Dragon Con 2022 (, the world’s largest pop culture convention for science fiction/fantasy, gaming, comics (and more!) enthusiasts in Atlanta Georgia, September 1-5.

The popular content creator, media personality, certified sex educator, mental health advocate, podcast host and TTRPG influencer, is scheduled to speak at six informative and entertaining seminars during the Labor Day weekend event:

“Surviving Con with Social Anxiety and Neurodivergence”

Time: Thu 07:00 pm

“Neurodiversity at the Gaming Table”

Time: Fri 07:00 pm

“Female Presenting in the Digital Space”

Time: Sat 02:30 pm

“Awesome Women in Digital Media, Volume 2”

Time: Sat 05:30 pm

“Maintaining Mental Health as a Content Creator”

Time: Sat 07:00 pm

“The Guild of Granddaughters presents Escape the Pungeon”

Time: Sun 07:00 pm

“Dragon Con was my first ever convention, and now, as an Atlanta-based creator, it’s incredible to have such a fantastic event be my ‘home’ convention,” she explained. “Even more importantly, it’s incredibly rewarding to be asked to attend in order to further my mission of advocating and educating for disability and neurodivergence in digital media and TTRPG spaces. It’s exciting to know that my work is reaching and helping people in my own community”.

To learn more about Cate Osborn/Catieosaurus, find and follow her on TwitterInstagramTikTokOnlyFansTwitch and her podcast, Infinite Quest.

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