Modern-Day Sins Releases “Idle Fantasies: The Nanny Cam Part 1”

Seth Gamble succumbs to the charms of petite cutie Kimmy Kimm when he hires her for childcare duty and gets way more than he bargained for in Modern-Day Sins’ newest release from Idle Fantasies, “The Nanny Cam Part 1”.

The channel’s first-ever multi-part story (with Part 2 coming soon!), kicks off with busy dad Gamble betting on his gorgeous nanny making life easier for his family so he can focus on his working from home… but he can’t help but sneak a peek at his new hire on the nanny cam to watch her in action.

Kimm, however, is onto his hidden camera trick, and proceeds to tease Gamble with a private strip show just for him, progressing to a wild solo display that drives the horny husband into a state of flustering frustration. Will he take the bait?

“We are very eager to see what fans think of our first two-part saga on Modern-Day Sins,” says the brand’s showrunner 3X West. “Adult Time is known for its story-focused content and we want Modern-Day Sins to be no exception. We’re always exploring different ways to tell more complex and nuanced stories beyond what can be accomplished via stand-alone episodes – we’ve done full length films, prequels, sequels, spiritual-sequels, and even fully interconnected season-long arcs like in mainstream television. We love to do porn differently by letting the story dictate the episode count, instead of the other way around. So hopefully audiences will be eager to see how the story and characters evolve as the iconic Spencer Scott joins the cast for part 2 releasing in the coming weeks!”

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