Keira Croft Awakens to an Anal Nightmare in DickDrainers’ Latest.

In “Lost Deep Inside Her Asshole” from, Keira Croft may have been kidnapped by a masked pervert, but her juicy butt is the real victim!

Keira doesn’t know how she got here. One minute she’s in her bed. . . the next minute she’s in the dark. And she knows that she’s not alone.

There’s someone there. Someone who wants to do things to lovely Keira. Bad things. 

But there is one small measure of comfort Keira can take solace in: her pussy is safe. The maniac just wants her asshole….

“Keira’s a true beauty and an amazing performer,” raved DickDrainers producer and co-star Branden Richards. “It was great shooting with her; we might have another surprise waitin’ for y’all coming soon too!””

The intense, 48-minute “Lost Deep Inside Her Asshole” is now available for streaming and download. Check out the NSFW trailer here ( ).

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