Fantasy Digital Roll Out StripNFTease Model Search for Men, Women & LGBTQ+ Creators.

Adult ecosystem Fantasy Digital is rolling out their monthly StripNFTease Model Search for men, women, and LGBTQ+ creators. Content creators can apply now to be considered for the top 36 contestant spots.

The heat is on over at Fantasy Digital—they’ve rolled out their monthly StripNFTease Model Search for men, women, and LGBTQ+ creators. Now through August 30th, models can submit themselves through the creator dashboard by clicking on “Enter NFT Model Search,” filling out the info, and submitting a short SFW “vote for me” video. Before submission, models must have completed

registering as a creator at

The Top 36 models will be chosen and make it to the voting round the entire month of September. Fans can buy unlimited votes in the form of tokens at $1 each, to support their favorite creator. Each of the 36 models gets 95% of the profits, which is an incentive to rack up the votes. Creators can see rank on the dashboard of the 36 models in the NFT Model Search and check their placement.

The winning content creator will get their own NFT. In October, they will film a striptease for fans to purchase as a membership StripNFTease. StripNFTease can be upgraded up to five times, with each upgrade unlocking an extended version of the creator’s erotic show, and each time a fan/collector upgrades their NFT, the featured content creator will receive the amount paid.

“We wanted to make the StripNFTease Model Search special and carry the weight of being like a celebrity Playboy Centerfold, something that fans will want to collect. We want the StripNFTease Model Search winners to feel special, like an all-star. If you’re a content creator, definitely get on board. And it’s not just for girls, guys and LGBTQ+ models are encouraged to enter also,” Fantasy Digital owner/founder Lorilee Fedler.

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