OnlyFans Model Cate Osborn, aka Catieosaurus, Reveals the Pros & Cons of Debilitating Self-Criticism.

Cate Osborn, better known to fans and friends as Catieosaurus, has always been an overachiever: the popular social influencer, podcast host, sex/mental health advocate and OnlyFans creator is at the top of her professional game with more than two million followers and a successful career. So why can’t she silence her nagging inner critic that says she should be doing MORE?

“As someone who struggles with ADHD, it’s common to beat yourself up and push yourself to keep going harder and accomplish more,” explains Osborn. “Self-criticism is like a drug that drives you, but also ultimately drains you. So how do I manage my inner voice while working towards my next goal?”

“I’ve realized that it’s OKAY to struggle and be insecure, because in becoming a content creator, I found a community that accepts me for who I am, and that made me want to advocate more and educate more so I could help more people. My hashtag hit 200 million views last week, and the most constant feedback I get is, ‘I always thought I was broken/alone in this struggle’; that’s why I keep doing this, even when I’m exhausted and burnt out, because there are people hurting out there.”

Osborn admits that the OnlyFans platform is ideal for allowing her to advocate for intimacy and sexual health as a certified sex educator in Neurodivergent spaces in a way that feels ethical – “TikTok has strict and stringent policies on what you can and cannot say” – while offering her the opportunity to finance speaking engagements and a national tour.

“It is also an exercise in self-acceptance, as I do not have a traditional ‘OnlyFans model body type’, and so realizing that a lot of the judgment that I placed on myself was wrapped up in my own insecurities has been really powerful.”

Cate Osborn

She muses that she’s stopped listening to well-meaning friends and family that have repeatedly advised her to settle into a singular career or hobby rather than a series of them: “My hobby IS having hobbies; I’ve had nine different careers since graduating. It doesn’t make me a failure, it means that I got the experience I needed to become the thing that I am now. That idea HORRIFIES a lot of neurotypical people, but it’s absolutely what I built the cornerstone of my success on.”

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