Lucy Banks Steams Up South America in Series of Viral Performer Profiles.

Lucy Banks may be one of Australia’s more popular media personalities, but recently, the Perth-based single mum of two made a surprising discovery… she’s apparently a viral sensation in Chile as well!

The model, content creator and OnlyFans megastar, on the heels of her tabloid fame in the US, UK and Australia, has been making the rounds as an online curiosity in mainstream papers across Chile, including MeganoticiasMetropolitan and Cooperativa, as well as La Rosca in Argentina and SDPNoticias in Mexico.

“After suddenly finding myself flooded with thousands of new Instagram followers from Chile, I did some digging to find out what was going on!” said Banks of her newfound notoriety and expanded fan base. “I don’t know what to say except Thank You, and maybe it’s time to plan a trip to Santiago soon!”

Banks’ articles, which seemingly were pulled from UK papers such as Daily Star and Daily Mail and packed with sexy photos alongside provocative text proclaiming, “Mother Earns 66 Million Pesos a Month on OnlyFans!”, somehow brought her an avalanche of attention… not that she’s complaining.

“Articles about me have been going around in different media outlets over the past few months and I get more followers here and there for sure, but wow Chile, you guys have gone above and beyond!” she added, joking, “judging from the unbelievably warm welcome I received, I can’t even imagine what the enthusiasm of your Chilean football fans must be like!”

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