GoAskAlex Guests on Lisa Ann’s “Dudes Do Better” Podcast.

GoAskAlex paid a (virtual) visit to Lisa Ann and the “Dudes Do Better” podcast this past week for an inspiring conversation about the highs & lows, trials & triumphs of self-employment as an online sex worker in 2022.

The British Columbia, Canada-based creator opens up about her battle with ulcerative colitis and her 2019 ileostomy, which has presented a variety of challenges for her as a full-time performer. “It is an undeniable part of my life, and so in that way, that’s also been very freeing, to be forced to just be myself,” she reveals.

Self-employment has also proven beneficial when addressing chronic health issues on her own terms: “Being my own boss means that obviously when I feel sick, there’s no one I have to call, it’s me… although I’m just as hard on myself as any other employer would be… I have no set hours, I’m just always working.”

Alex admits that “we have a very high cost of living here, and when I started doing sex work… I realized that I could work when it worked for me at my leisure, and I could dictate my own schedule, and that’s really just so valuable – for anybody, but especially for a young woman, a person with a disability… I don’t know that people always realize how freeing that really is.”

She adds that the secret to her continuing success as a performer and content creator is her unabashed onscreen authenticity with fans and followers: “I could never put on a façade… sometimes that’s not the best business model for attracting lots of new clients, but the clients who do love you for that will stay around for the long haul… for me, being authentic has been instrumental in creating that…group of fans that are die-hard.”

The “Dudes Do Better” interview is up at Lisa Ann’s YouTube channel and TheRealLisaAnn.com.

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