Rory Knox Shares Sexy Stories and Sake with Matt Slayer on ‘And Now We Drink’

Rory Knox joins host Matt Slayer on the latest episode of “And Now We Drink,” the podcast that celebrates drinking, debauchery, and the sorts of stories you only hear after enough of the first two things. 

Episode 250 is true to form, with the conversation spanning far and wide, covering everything from period sex to eternal damnation.

Knox, who last week was a presenter at the XRCO Awards in Hollywood, recently celebrated her first year as a performer in the porn industry. In the episode, she briefly mentions how her brand and career have developed over that span of time. But as we’ve said, “And Now We Drink” is renowned for coaxing out conversations that you won’t hear elsewhere, so with a massive bottle of sake at hand, the two immediately barrel into scandalous sex stories from Rory’s time in the Air Force. Back then, she had “lots of inappropriate sex,” with people she definitely shouldn’t have been with, sometimes even taking them out to the airfield for a late night hook-up.

From there, Rory discusses avoiding meat while Matt proudly endorses period sex, saying “I will pull a clot out of my beard, I do not care.” On a more wholesome note, the two discuss the importance of normalizing sexuality, the unimportance of body counts, and the worst STI of all-time: pregnancy!  They cover the recent attacks on legal abortions, and Matt offers two solutions, anal sex and vasectomies.

The episode’s conversation continues bounding from topic to topic: from experiences with ‘shrooms, to Scientology’s marketing strategies and Matt’s narrow urethra. At one point during a tangent from the past, Rory asks, “How do you remember all this when you’re drinking?” Matt replies, “I’ve done this one or twice, over hundreds of episodes of this.”

After the show, Knox commented, “I don’t know what I had more fun doing, roasting Matt or sharing stories about my life. We definitely got into things that you may only hear on ‘And Now We Drink.’ You should check it out if just for that!”

The full episode 250 can be found at the “And Now We Drink” website. The video version of the podcast is available via Slayer’s Patreon.

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