Alison Rey Refocuses Career on Performing, Feature Dancing.

Pornstars:Alison Rey
Adult film star Alison Rey announced she is returning to her roots with a renewed focus on performing and content creation, coupled with a move into feature dancing.

In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the versatile Rey seized the opportunity to expand her adult production skills working behind the cameras for companies such as Girlsway, PureTaboo, ModelTime and Anatomik, and graduated to directing with her formidable docuseries, “Between The Sheets with Alison Rey,” which debuted on AdultTime last summer.

However despite the satisfaction and creative release Rey found in off-camera work, the focus shift came with a cost. 

“I’ve had some time to get really clear on the trajectory of my career in adult entertainment,” Rey explained. 

“Over the past year, I was focusing my efforts behind the camera, rather than paying sufficient attention to the performance aspect of my work, on set and on OnlyFans, which is something I had never really intended to do. I think that this is a situation a lot of people can relate to: I found myself a little stuck in a ‘day job’ and missing the one thing that fills me with joy: performing.

“I know that my fans have noticed my distraction,” Rey admitted with candor. “Asking me where I’ve been, when new scenes are dropping, or if I’m attending any expos or conventions. In light of this high interest, and in re-evaluating my position in the adult industry, I’m excited to announce that I’m starting to feature dance in April and returning my attention to my OnlyFans, as well.”

Rey has signed with The Lee Network, the leading provider of adult star feature entertainers to clubs across the U.S., and will ascend the dance stage for the very first time at Gold Club Centerfolds in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area, next Wednesday through Saturday, April 20th to 23th.

“Feature dancing is something that I’ve always admired, but never felt like I would be able to do, since I’ve never danced in a club before. (Shout out to Kate Kennedy for telling me that I was wrong and encouraging me to try it anyway!) 

Rey said she is determined to make her mark as a multi-faceted entertainer, adding, “This feels like a natural next step in my performing career and I can’t wait to meet fans all over the country!”

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