Fans ‘Won’t Forget’ Harley King’s DickDrainers Debut

Luscious newcomer Harley King plays a forgetful college student at home alone with a horny masked pervert on the loose in the pervy new fantasy scenario from
It’s been a long week with college exams right around the corner. Harley’s been studying like crazy, but tonight? Tonight she’s going to be taking a lil break from the books and hitting up the town. She needs some stress relief.

She’s been so stressed that she’s been forgetting things. Like where her lip gloss is. Her phone, her keys. Forgetting to lock windows . . . doors . . . . Harley doesn’t know it yet…but her plans are about to change due to her carelessness.

Someone’s in her house now. And because Harley forgot where her keys and her phone were…she’s in her house with him. Who is he? He’s amped up. And horny. And he loves big booty blonde white girls with phat asses. Girls like Harley. Stress relief is coming. Deep inside Harley.

“I’d had several fans urging me to shoot with Harley King for a while before we shot,” said her co-star, DD honcho Branden Richards. “They knew the two of us would make a hot scene and we made a scorcher! 
“Harley’s a dynamo. The skill level, energy and performance she gave were all out this world. Combine that with her beautiful girl next door looks and juicy backside and you’ve got a star who’s built for this! Part 2 coming soon,“ Richards teased.

“Branden’s been making me and everyone else wait for this scene for so long i’m so excited it’s finally out!,” said King. “i texted him for updates probably 3 or 4 times on when it was finally gonna be released because i knew when we made it that it was gonna be good. 

“I don’t get booked for a lot of hardcore stuff but those are some of my favorite scenes to film,” the 21-year-old blonde continued. “I can’t wait to see what kind of nasty and sexy shit we make next!”
The 64-minute “Harley Won’t Forget About Black Dick” is now available for streaming and download here ( ).
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